Friday, September 5, 2008

Rise and Shine

Good morning hurricane watchers and everybody else ready to swim!!

Well, the week started with a storm and is ending with a storm, but at least the political conventions are finished.
Now, we can get down to the nitty gritty and find out where these political candidates really stand. There will still be plenty of rhetoric coming out of both sides, but there are some one-on-one debates coming down the pike. That means the scripted talks and friendly crowds will be gone. Let's find out how these people will really help us all out, then make a decision.
By the way, it appears this election is drawing pretty serious lines in the sand. Too many people have their favorites and refuse to hear from the other side. Too many believe if they talk louder, their point will win out.
Somebody once said never to talk politics or religion because it always ends badly. That's unfortunately true. If you support the Democrats, anybody who listens to the Republicans is 'stupid,' 'uninformed,' or 'should just shut up.' If you support the Republicans, those that listen to the Democrats are 'un-American,' 'more concerned about yourself,' 'want the terrorists to win,' or 'hope we are invaded by a foreign power.'
There are good points on both sides. Live with it. Really, when you look at it, these parties are just the different sides of the same coin. It's still a dime, no matter if it's heads or tails.
Maybe Hillary and Bill can run on the Clinton ticket and put this all to rest.

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