Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Rise and Shine

Good Morning Wall Street watchers and the rest of us who have to work every day!

So the bail out plan failed in the House yesterday. There will undoubtedly be another plan some time this week. It will probably end up passing in some form. Be sure, though, none of that money will help us who are in the hole every day trying to dig out.
By the way, maybe John McCain should have stayed in Washington instead of going to that debate Friday night. It couldn't hurt his poll numbers.
Enough about bail outs, though, there are more important things on the horizon.
Like the Phillies playoffs.
Sitting watching the end of Saturday's game when the Phillies beat the Nationals to clinch the N.L. East sent the memory part of the brain in motion.
It's been 30 years since the Phillies have repeated as division champs. The years between 1978 and 2008 have been mostly lean. Sure, there was the World Series championship in 1980, by then we were tainted. We expected the Phillies to win. When they reached the playoffs in 1980 after finishing out of the money in 1979, there wasn't the same sense of dread as in 1977 or 1978. We had Pete Rose, Mike Schmidt, Steve Carlton. Sure, it was a heart-wrenching series against the Astros. Once over that hill, though, the World Series was a forgone conclusion.
There was the 1983 and 1993 run to the World Series, but those teams really were winning with smoke and mirrors. Sure, we would take a title, but, looking back, it would have been a miracle.
I was 9-years old when the Phillies first made the playoffs in 1976. I remember getting caught up in baseball for the first time. I remember jumping around when the Phillies clinched the division and were going into the playoffs.
Flash to this year and I saw the same look on another 9-year old boy. Much like the children of the 70s, the young ones of today are seeing a Phillies team that can win. They are expected to win.
Sure, history shows the tide will turn, but now is the time to join the ride. I'm glad I can come along.

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