Friday, September 19, 2008

Rise and Shine

Good Morning and welcome to the weekend!

Well, almost, but Friday's seem to have a little more traffic on the road a little earlier, so at least we have that.
By the way, I have requested a government bailout similar to what is going on Wall Street today. I contacted the offices of Sen. Arlen Specter, Sen. Bob Casey and U.S. Rep. Joe Sestak with my request.
I haven't heard back from any of them, which is surprising, this being an election year and all. Of course, they don't need our votes, right?
Speaking of Wall Street, after hearing all day yesterday how we were in for an epic crash, all of sudden the numbers jumped up 400 points.
So, I'm going to start a new side career as a market analyst. Wait a second while I check out my stats (which means get out a quarter).
OK, it came up tails which means a moderate upswing on the day. Let's see if I have what it takes.
Meanwhile, had to trek out to that annual right of fall last night. That's right, Back to School Night.
No offense to anybody, but is there a bigger waste of time?
Over at Garretford Elementary, the principal talked for a few minutes (mostly about testing), had the home and school lady talk then somebody else gave a presentation. We were then rushed off to the classrooms where the teachers had about 10 minutes to give a presentation that is supposed to preview the entire year.
So, the teacher rushes through the presentation, then they rush everybody out.
Then again, maybe that's better. We don't, you know, want to know too much about school. That way we have more time for this:

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