Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Rise and Shine

Good Morning crazy school boys and girls and those who have to do a full day's work just getting them ready for school!

So, how about some straight talk?
The circus left town last night. Rest assured, if you missed it, another circus will certainly come through between now and November.
They shut down Media yesterday to get ready for the circus. The show went on, the performers walked on and then off the stage. Just wondering, though, if the McCain-Palin ticket makes it to the White House, does the bus go up on e-bay.
The next circus doesn't have any set dates, but a stage will be built somewhere in the county over the next few weeks. The performers, either the same or different ones, will get out of their vehicles. Sign some autographs and then move to the next town.
How's that for a whoop-de-doo review?
By the way, did anybody else find it ironic that when George W. Bush campaigned in Media four years ago he was relegated to the back of the courthouse. There was no stage, just a few hundred people.
Now, the television media reports when the candidates go to the bathroom, how many socks they own and if they clean the wax out of their ears.
We've come a long way... or maybe not.

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