Thursday, September 25, 2008

Rise and Shine

Good Morning and get that rain gear ready!

So, has there ever been a more blatantly bad political move than the one pulled by John McCain yesterday.
Now, truth be told, I am still a bit undecided on the November election. We need to move away from the current administration, but I'm not sure which candidate is the better one right now. And, no, I'm not voting for the vice president, so those candidates don't matter.
What exactly is McCain going to do when he 'suspends his campaign' and goes back to Washington, strong arm the rest of Congress? Maybe he'll give them the short-arm, thumb's up and tell them to keep up the good work.
Look, neither McCain or Democrat Barack Obama are on the committee working on this ridiculous buyout plan. The only thing happening here is not a 'suspension of the campaign,' but a political move to bolster poll numbers.
Here's an idea, let's here from both candidates on how they would fix the mess. Everything else is just more rhetoric.
By the by, I still can't believe that the only way to save the economy is to give a small amount of people more money while the rest of us sharpen pencils.
Why do I get the feeling our President is just trying to take care of his buddies.
"Fellow citizens, we must not let this happen."
By the way, the more things change the more they stay the same:

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