Monday, September 8, 2008

Rise and Shine

Good Morning Monday warriors and all those who wish the weekend was longer!

After that bit of rain Saturday, the weekend turned out pretty nice. Even if one day is a washout at least Sunday gave us a beauty and we could enjoy being outside.
Speaking of outside, took in the Green Philly event Sunday on 2nd and South. It was interesting to see all the environmentally friendly products and services we can use. Even if you are one of those who believe the global warming phenom is made up, you can't argue that using things without chemicals is better for you and your family.
Right next to the Green event was Sunday's weekly farmer's market. Whether the market be in Lansdowne, Havertown, Philadelphia or wherever, the allure of a farmer's market can't be beat. Fresh vegetables, tasty baked goods and a lot of people enjoying it all.
All in all, it made for a fun day, if not a little hectic.
Fun, that is, until you have to get involved with SEPTA. Despite all the government money and big talk, SEPTA still has a lot to be desired.
It's undoubtedly better to use the trains than drive everywhere, but SEPTA does not make it easy. When the packed people on top of people after the Live 8 concert a few years ago then claimed everything went well, I started to doubt it was the best way to travel.
After trying again Sunday, I am starting to have even more doubts. Try buying a subway token during the weekend. Unless you have exact change for the machine, forget about it. I was looking for one token Sunday and only had a $10 bill. There were workers in each of the booths at the 2nd and Market stations, but neither would help. One wouldn't even look up when I asked if I could get one token. The other told me to buy $10 worth.
Luckily, I was able to scratch up $3 in change for the machine. Sometimes I wonder if they really want you to use the trains.
Here are the only trains you can rely on:

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