Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Rise and Shine

Good Morning everybody who forgot their umbrellas and those who carry them all the time!

Maybe it's because my mind always flows in 17 different directions at the same time or maybe its because I don't watch a whole lot of television any more, but I could win a gold medal in a remote control Olympics.
For instance, I give you Monday night.
After throwing a load of laundry in the washer, I sat down expecting to watch the Phillies-Marlins game. When I clicked on the television, the Packers-Vikings football game was on.
So, I checked the Phillies score, then went back to the football game. Well, that lasted about two minutes before I checked the food channel and watched about five minutes of 'Unwrapped.' Then it was back to the Phillies game for two pitches and to the Monday Night Football game for about three plays. OK, let's check to see what else.
Well, about three minutes of 'Alexander' on AMC was about enough before heading back to the Food Network. Then back to the Phillies, then a rip through all the channels, a check on the football score. Five minutes of CSI-Miami and back to the Phillies, where I managed to sit while Brad Lidge finished off the Marlins.
If you are wondering how anybody could follow all this, well, you can't. The biggest reason for all the switching: There are too many darn commercials. Every couple of minutes there seems to be a break with some annoying people talking about Cheerios or wanting our vote for president.
By the way, what is more annoying: Food commercials or election commercials.
I think we should merge them. Have Barack Obama lauding Trix, while John McCain does a spot for Uncle Sam's. Then we can cut down on the commercials and save the batteries in the remote.
Wait, they've already appeared together in a commercial hawking breakfast:

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