Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Rise and Shine

Good Morning Phillies fans and those who don't care about the playoffs!

Our government is great, isn't it? The House of Representatives voted down the bail out package. The way it's supposed to work, that would be the end. A new package should be put together and presented to the House members again.
Instead, they tweaked the plan, by-passed the House and it is going to the Senate. That branch of government will vote on the plan today, then send it back to the House for another vote. Won't be any pressure there, huh?
Meanwhile, another ring of the political circus is coming to town Saturday.
Bruce Springsteen is playing a free concert in support of Barack Obama on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway in Philly at 3:30 Saturday afternoon.
According to the release, to get 'preferred' tickets you have to sign up as an Obama volunteer.
That's great. Sounds like a good deal. Free concert from one of the best showman on the earth. Springsteen's always been political, so a rally for Obama isn't surprising.
It's the volunteering thing that's a little out of whack.
There's no doubt the Democratic party picked up a lot of 'volunteers' over the last day. Many though are probably just looking to get tickets. Are they really going to do anything for the campaign beyond Saturday?
Some might, but most will forget about signing up by 3:35 p.m. Saturday.
Look, we need some dialogue about this election and it's always good to get involved, but this smacks as a big numbers-grab.
By the way, how do you sign up?
Anyway, here's another celebrity both sides are probably recruiting:

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