Thursday, October 2, 2008

Rise and Shine

Good Morning Phillies fans, debate watchers and all those in between!

Now that the Phillies got over the playoff hump and won Game 1 of the NLDS Wednesday, Game 2 seems to be forgotten. Sure, the Brewers have their best pitcher going, but, while he's been pretty good the last two years, he doesn't have the best history. Just win Game 2 and relax for the weekend.
Speaking of relaxing, tonight's vice presidential debate should at least offer some light moments.
Not much is expected from Republican Sarah Palin and, truth be told, not much should be expected. She hasn't so far shown any reason to be in the position except for a humorous convention speech. Then again, it's not like Democrat Joe Biden is the best speaker in the world.
So, why not just enjoy it for the political 'America's Got Talent' that it is (the presidential debates are more like 'American Idol'). If nothing else, it should be a reason for some comedy.
So, let's meet the candidates:


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