Monday, October 6, 2008

Rise and Shine

Good Morning Delaware County and all the ships at sea!

Sometimes, people amaze me.
Just when you think you know something, it gets shot out of the water.
Case in point, Saturday morning.
Spent the morning watching a couple of Cub Scouts attempt to sell popcorn, their annual fundraiser. The money helps fund some of the things during the year like camping trips, hikes, you know, those kind of scout things.
Anyway, with all the bad news floating around about the economy, I didn't have much hope heading into Saturday morning. Hey, most people are just trying to keep their heads above water for the basic things. Those basic things don't always include fundraising popcorn.
Still, lo and behold, people helped out. They engaged the sellers in conversation. They purchased some of the popcorn. They brought smiles to the parents of those selling.
Sure, there are always those curmudgeons who just ignore everything and give nasty looks. Those, though, were few and far between. Even if people couldn't help out, they were friendly.
In a world where more and more depressing news hits us every day, sometimes, it's good to have your faith in humanity renewed.
By the way, even popcorn can be funny:
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