Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Rise and Shine --- Streaming live?

Good Morning and welcome back to Tuesday!

One day to go before the World Series. I presume the Super Bowl is about a week away.
Really, doesn't it seem a little ridiculous how far the baseball playoffs are stretched now. Just think about it, when the Phillies won in 1980, Game 6 was Oct. 22. This year, Game 1 is Oct. 22. We may not have a winner until we wake up on Halloween.
Talk about trick or treat.
By the way, there are some pretty good Halloween decorations out there these days. Sure, they seem a bit over the top, but that's what Halloween has become. It used to be just a day for children to dress up and walk around, now it's a month-long celebration with all kinds of crazy costumes for adults and children.
I guess some people have enough money to spend hundreds on a Halloween costume and, sure, dressing up is fun, but come on. Remember when we used to grab something out of our parent's closet, throw it on and call it a costume.
Now, there are full-body Clone Trooper (Star Wars) costumes. There are full face Frankenstein costumes. There are crazy clowns. All kinds of things.
Anyway, I digress, back to the issue at hand. If you want to see the coolest decorated house around go to the corner of Drexel Ave. and Bloomfield Ave. in Drexel Hill. The people who live there have redone their entire house to look like a haunted house, complete with a hearse in the front yard and flashing lights in the windows. I'll try to get a picture later this week.
Well, that's that. Here are today's Halloween song and movie:
First, sing along to:

Then run out to get scared by:

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