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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Rise and Shine --- Late night with Joe Buck

Good Morning World Series fans and those who stuck with the Biggest Loser!

By the way, speaking of losers, we have a special guest to take over the start of Rise and Shine today. Take it away, Joe!
'Well here we are at the World Series. Game 1. Tampa, Florida. I'm here with my buddy Timmy. Say Hi Timmy. Timmy? Timmy?
OK, just wanted to let you know there are two teams playing here this week. While one team has had a nice run, let's not forget about the Tampa Bay Rays. They are young and exciting. They have a future Hall-of-Famer at every position. Listen to what I'm saying people. The Tampa Bay Rays are the greatest story in the history of sports. Sure, they've only been around for a handful of years and they've never really had more than 100 people in the stands for each game before this year, but they are exciting.
'Take Game 1. Sure, the other team won, but did you see those Rays. How about their manager? He's a certified genius. They are just plain scary. I get scared watching them. If Carl Crawford had been able to get on base in the ninth last night, the game would have been tied. The other team should have just let him score to save some time and not stretch the game into the wee hours of the morning.
'Listen, these games are late enough. Timmy can't stay up this late. Timmy? Timmy?
'By the way, don't forget the Giants are playing the Steelers at 4 o'clock Sunday. The greatest game in the history of the NFL is only on FOX.'

Uh, thanks Joe. That was, um, very informative.
Now, get out of the booth. Give us Harry Kalas for the World Series. Give us Larry Andersen. Give us Chris Wheeler. It's not like the Phillies are in the World Series every year. We don't need to hear about the next episode of House. If you have to be there, just call the game. We can see the rest.

So, now that Game 1 is in the books. How about some Halloween music?

Now, since there is no Game on Friday. Here's the first of a double-feature for you:

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Buck and McCarver (especially McCarver) are simply dreadful! Now and in the NLCS, Buck's mournful tone whenever the Phillies were ahead or won the game was disgraceful. All we heard last night was comments about Rollins, Howard, everybody's problems at the plate continuing. And the utter silence when the Phillies won was inappropriate. From the start of Fox Sports stranglehold on baseball playoffs, the announcers have been relentlessly plugging Fox TV shows. We thought it had gotten better of late, but no, now the plugs are back in force. Fox should NOT have the MLB broadcasts any longer!

October 23, 2008 at 9:11 AM 

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