Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Rise and Shine --- Thanksgiving Series?

Good Morning and welcome to the longest game in the history of the World Series!

Anybody who was watching the annoying Fox broadcast of last night's World Series Game 5, or if you were actually at the game, know it should not have been played.
Heck, as the rain started pelting down on the hood of a 6-year old boy while walking the dogs at 6:30 p.m., it was obvious Game 5 should have been pushed back.
Instead, Major League Baseball loves money. The powers that be would rather pack a stadium two days instead of one, sell a lot more junk and extend the coverage.
Think about it, this World Series, as much as we are loving it here, is the lowest rated World Series in history. Outside of the tri-state area and possibly parts of Florida, it appears everybody would rather watch the Greatest Race.
So, how do you pump up interest? Hey, let's do something new! Let's play in ridiculous weather, then stop the game halfway through.
We can get a lot of coverage and come back for a second day. Great Idea.
By the way, the Phillies say if you have a ticket stub for last night's game you will be allowed in the stadium tonight (if it resumes tonight).
Now, the tickets are made of paper (OK, heavy paper). Which, when it gets wet, has a tendency to become a pulp. So, a ton of those ticket stubs were gone by the second inning. Can I just show up at the gate, say my ticket disintegrated in the rain and I want in?
HMMM...Sounds like an idea.
So, while waiting for the raindrops to stop, get ready for Halloween by whistling:

Here's a good movie to check out:

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