Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Rise and Shine --- Seeing Red

Good Morning as we wait a whole day for the Phillies/Dodgers Game 5!

It's probably a good idea for the Phillies to finish off the Dodgers tonight in Los Angeles. You never want to give a team any kind of life when you have a chance to finish off a series.
Still, it would be kind of sweet to see the clinching game at home Friday night. The final games of the 1980 World Series and 1993 NLCS were both home games. The celebration, unlike those in other cities, was quite civil. There were a few bad apples out there, but at least the city wasn't burned down or cars overturned.
You know, in the grand scheme of things, a bunch of millionaires winning a professional sports title doesn't mean a whole lot, but it does make you feel a little happy to watch your favorite team get it done.
It's a pretty good escape, especially for those of us who had to sit through years of Von Hayes, Wally Ritchie, Todd Zielle and countless other players who just made the summer boring.
So, it's nice to enjoy the ride while it lasts.
By the way, here's how Broad and Locust looked the night the Phillies finished off the Braves to reach the 1993 World Series:

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