Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Rise and Shine --- Sun from the clouds

Good Morning and welcome back to (still) the longest World Series game in history!

Another great big thanks to baseball and Fox for making us wait to see the end of Game 5. Great job, Joe, Timmy, Bud and the rest of you.
You know, it is kind of annoying to have to wait like this, but there is a big silver lining in the delay.
Now, for the first time in 100 years or so, younger fans will actually be able to watch the end of the game.
Thanks again to Fox and baseball, the World Series is now a late night, adult event. In the middle (end?) of October, school is in full force. To keep younger fans up past the first pitch is tempting a fate worse than hell the next morning.
Children are now under so much pressure at school they need as much sleep as possible. That means they can never watch the World Series (or NBA Finals, NCAA Championship or any big event). They have rely on replays and parents.
Tonight, though, with just a few innings to play, it won't be so late.
Now, the Phillies have to do their part and win so we can all celebrate.
So, let's get ready to dance in the street.

Hey, if the Phillies lose, this will kill the time:

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