Thursday, October 16, 2008

Rise and Shine --- World Series? Really?

Good morning to a World Series region!

Wow, was it just me or was that a surreal scene on the field at Dodgers Stadium a little after 11:30 Wednesday night.
That was actually the Phillies celebrating the National League Pennant. It wasn't some other team with a red and white color scheme. It was actually the Philadelphia Phillies.
They won Game 5 in easy fashion, too. There wasn't much drama, no matter how Joe Buck and Tim McCarver tried to muster it up. The Dodgers were done the moment Jimmy Rollins' leadoff homer left the park.
So, let it sink in ... World ... Series .... Phillies.
No matter how much we wanted to believe it would be the Eagles or the Flyers who would bring a championship to the region, it might just be the Phillies.
The same Phillies who once had John Felske as a manager. The same Phillies who set a national pro sports record by recording its 10,000 all-time loss last year.
This is the same Phillies team with Charlie Manuel as manager, the latest in a long line of genius managers.
These are the same Phillies who teased us for the last five years. These are the same Phillies who got blown out by the Colorado Rockies (Colorado Rockies?) in the playoffs last year.
It doesn't matter who they play now. Just the excitement of the World Series will be enough to forget the Eagles are struggling. To forget Temple football is headed for another double-digit losing season. To forget the stock market's roller coaster.
So, let's relive it while we can:
Phillies celebrate NLCS victory
Phillies celebrate NLCS victory

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