Monday, October 27, 2008

Rise and Shine --- Excuses, excuses

Good morning and today we are all seeing things in red colored glasses!

The Phillies exciting weekend was topped off Sunday night with a show of power that means Tampa Bay would be better served just leaving now than being embarrassed in Game 5 tonight.
So, since we now know the World Series title is going to be the Phillies this week (most likely tonight, but, if not, than later this week), that means there's going to be a Philadelphia parade not scene since the sock-hop 80s.
To enjoy said parade is going to take a little planning. For instance, since we've had to wait 28 years for another baseball title, history says we have to enjoy this one to the fullest.
Also, since all schools now require parents to call in when their children will be absent, there has to be some good excuses.
So, here's a few helpful hints. One word of caution, this is for fun only, don't even try to use these for school (work?) the day of the parade. They won't work and, well, just don't do it.
Anyway, here's the script:
1. Sorry, my child has red fever and can't make school today.
2. Um, I have to take my student to the city for some college prep.
3. Hello, my student was up all night and needs today to rest.
4. Good morning, that Rise and Shine column is so good I need to keep my student home to read it a couple of times.
5. Hello. We are having car trouble and can't get our student to school on time. He/she may miss the day.
6. Yes. Um. My student ... OK, we are going to the parade. YEAH PHILLIES! (Well, honesty counts for something, right).
So, there are a few to mull over.
With a couple of days before Halloween, here are a few more:

Can't stop tapping your feet? This will do it:

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