Thursday, October 9, 2008

Rise and Shine

Good Morning. You are looking LIVE a the NLCS!
OK, it's not live, but you get the picture. Also, if we actually "Paint the Town Red" can we get in trouble.
By the way, ever notice how sometimes the universe keeps you grounded.
I can remember as a child getting banged up all the time. I remember two times being rushed to the hospital to get stitches. Once for a broken leg.
Well, we have been lucky for the last nine years. Despite having two boys and a precocious little girl, there haven't been many major injures or illnesses.
Sure, there was a banged head here and there and the younger boy did have to spend a day in the emergency room after banging his head. That was a quick staple (staple?) to keep it closed. Despite having children jump off couches, ladders, down steps, off trees and falling off bikes, there have been no broken bones. There was no need to head to the hospital.
That was until yesterday.
After answering the phone and hearing: "There's been an accident. We are stopping the blood, but he should get somebody to take a look."
You have to jump back in the car, call the doctor (by the way, thanks, Kids First, for hanging up during an emergency. What is it, "Kid's First unless we have to make some coffee"). Finally get to school. Rush to the hospital. Wait in the emergency room. Pull a scared little boy to see the doctor and still keep as normal as possible.
Thankfully, the person who had to do all this is adept at handling about 100 things at any given time, then adding about 20 more.
Once again, luck held and the injury was just a deep gash and could be fixed with glue (glue?).
In the end, it all worked out all right, but what fun?
Speaking of fun:
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