Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Rise and Shine --- Here we go

Good Morning and welcome to a World Series town!

Sure, we've known the Phillies will be playing in the World Series for a week now, but it still is taking some time to sink in.
Phillies? World Series? Is the end of the world near?
Well, we'll leave that last one for Darren Daulton.
Anyway, you know something special is happening not by the continued commercials or TV reports of "We are the best Phillies station around," but by the roadside T-shirt and hat stands that are cropping up.
Saw two yesterday in the relative short ride home and there are plenty more around the region. Schools are actually letting the dress codes lax a bit this week to allow Phillies gear.
You know, about a year ago, there would have been no argument as to the dominate professional sports team in the region. The Eagles were No. 1 and everybody else was a distant second.
Sure, the Phillies, Flyers and 76ers had made the playoffs, but they weren't bringing out the 'crazy' fans (by the way check out our slide show of some of Delco's biggest fans by CLICKING HERE).
Now, though, the Phillies are undoubtedly No. 1. The Eagles could make the Super Bowl, the 76ers the NBA finals and the Flyers the Stanley Cup Finals, but there wouldn't be as much juice as the World Series.
It probably comes down to length of time. We are invested in the Phillies season from February (spring training) until October. To see the team succeed makes all those summer nights in front of the TV or at the game worthwhile.
So, here we go. The excitement starts tonight.
In honor of the World Series, we will take a one day break from Halloween movies and songs to give you this:

And this:

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