Friday, October 3, 2008

Rise and Shine

Good Morning debate fans, Phillies fans and those who don't care about either!

Well, hope everybody has recovered from the spin that came out of Thursday's vice presidential debate. While there were no YouTube moments, I'm still waiting for several questions to be answered.
While the hot button issues for this election are the economy, the war and the distrust of government, both candidates glossed over something that should join the big three, that's the subject of education.
The 'No Child Left Behind' laws are leaving more and more children behind by the day. They are still being taught for standardized tests. Forget freedom of thought, get these worksheets done so you can be prepared for the PSSAs.
Teachers, while it's obvious some don't buy into the program, are forced to structure everything. Really, when you think about it, the best part of school is discovery.
You learn something new and apply it in ways you never thought possible. A lot of schooling now is memorization. Once you get us a good score on the test you can move on. If you forget it by next week, oh well, there's another test to memorize things for.
On the whole, children want to learn. They want to discover new things. What they don't need is the pressure put on by those in Washington who believe our education is falling behind.
Let the children play chess, let the children do some hands-on science work, let the children have fun. The pressure becomes too much. There's enough time for overwhelming pressure when you get older.
One candidate tried to raise add an education discussion to the debate, but he was rebuffed by the standardization of the questions.
Oh well. At least we now know they can smile.
The government's plan has left no room in school for something like this:

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