Friday, October 31, 2008

Rise and Shine -- Parade day

Good Morning and welcome to the day we never thought would come!

That's right, about noon today the city of Philadelphia will be awash in emotion as the World Series champion Phillies make their ride down Broad Street to the stadiums.
It's sure to be pretty amazing. If you can't get there, make sure you see it somehow (TV or Internet coverage. There will be a link on
While it will be a lot of fun and probably a little stressful, there is one downside to the event.
That would be the pressure schools are putting on students this morning. Most schools in the county have said they expect students to attend like any other day. That's all great and all. There's nothing wrong with that.
What is wrong is the pressure the students had to endure Thursday. I know of one elementary school (which, by the way, is having a Halloween parade of its own today) where the teachers drummed into the students it would be bad to miss a day to attend the Phillies parade.
Some even went so far to say: 'Don't forget, the Halloween parade only comes once a year."
Yeah, well, a championship parade only comes once every 25 years or so. If a parent decides to keep their child out of school to attend the parade, then that's where it ends. If on Monday the school officials give students any kind of trouble for missing Friday, they should be held accountable.
Of course school is important, but there's also life experience. The students don't always get that while preparing for PSSAs week after week.
By the way, lest we forget, today is also Halloween. So, to get ready for the show later tonight, listen to this:

After all the candy's been eaten, check out:

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