Monday, November 3, 2008

Rise and Shine --- Back to normal

Good Morning and that Championship hangover should have passed!

Now that we are into the next week, that means the next BIG THING. Which, of course, really is a big thing. We are going to pick the next President of the United States Tuesday.
The rhetoric will all be gone. The hate-filled television commercials will be off the air. The constant barrage of political comment will go off the air.
Will we miss it? How about we just hold a parade to mark the end of this political circle.
We have one side saying the other is bad, then then other saying, no, that side is bad and we're just talking about DeFrancisco/Miccarelli 162nd race.
Forget about that other big race. Even the local races are ugly. Do these candidates really think we want to hear how bad the opponent's ideas are? How about we talk about the issues?
Well, at least it will be over. Then all we'll have to listen to is the radio and TV pundits yell at each other. What fun?
When does spring training start?
By the way, can't leave this one go. It might be the funniest prank call in the last 20 years:

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