Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Rise and Shine --- What's next?

Good Morning and welcome to the down time!

So, we've had a World Series championship, a monster parade, Halloween and the most historic election in our history all in one week. That's right, one week.
We have to take a break now. It's time to sit back for a couple of days, weeks, whatever and figure out how we made it through these seven days.
Really, there weren't many breaks. Let's break it down:
Last Monday: World Series Game 5 part 1. Rain and more rain.
Last Tuesday: Rain, snow, winter in October.
Last Wednesday: Cold and World Series Game 5 part 2. That lead to late nights standing in line and celebrating.
Last Thursday: World Series hangover.
Last Friday: World Series parade. Halloween.
Last Saturday: Parade and Halloween hangover.
Sunday: Eagles vs. Seahawks in the late afternoon.
Monday: Election Day-eve. Senses bombarded by ads, rhetoric and robocalls.
Tuesday: Election Day. Barack Obama becomes first African-American President. More celebrations in the street.
So, it's time for a break. I don't want to hear about the stock market, the election, the Phillies (OK, we can still talk Phillies). Time to veg out. Take it easy. Get all that sleep back.
We need some brain candy:
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