Thursday, November 6, 2008

Rise and Shine --- Get with the program

Good Morning and welcome to the rest of the year!

OK, now I get that schools have to play to many masters. I get that they need to stay somewhat away from politics. I get that some parents would become offended (offended?) if teachers talked about political candidates they didn't support. I get that 'No Child Left Behind' doesn't leave much time to actually teach students other than what may show up on a standardized test.
That's all fine and dandy. Yet, the day after we elected a new president, all that should be thrown out the window.
When a fourth-grader comes home and says the school 'is trying to avoid the election as best it can.' Well, that's just plain wrong.
The only way we can build on the unprecedented involvement of so many people this election season is to keep talking about it, especially to children.
Sure, they can't actually vote, but they can feel engaged. They can discuss things. They can do things other than the 'lesson plan.'
Those spelling words will still be studied. The math problems will get done. The testing pressures will still be there.
To ignore what's going on outside the doors is just plain wrong and every adult in the school should be held accountable.
Children want to learn. They do learn. They don't need to be ignored.

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