Friday, November 14, 2008

Rise and Shine --- Nintendo what?

Good Morning and welcome to the next big thing!

OK, I'll admit to be a little behind the times. Maybe it's because I never really grew up with the stuff or because I never really felt the need to spend hours pushing buttons, but I don't understand the video game revolution.
I don't know why you need to sit in front of the television and play virtual games instead of just playing the games. Much to the chagrin of a trio of children I know well, there are no Playstations or Xbox's connected to the television.
A few years ago I received something called 'Atari Flashback' which is exactly as it sounds. You can play some of the 'classic' Atari games like pong, 'Adventure' and 'Yars Revenge.' It lasted about two days plugged into the television before the being buried under other toys. I tried to sell it at a yard sale this fall for a buck and got no takers.
Now, I can almost see the reason to purchase a Wii. After all, you do have to move around a bit for most of the games. At least there's a little interaction besides just sitting and pushing buttons on a handheld thingamajig.
Actually, I don't think most games out on the market are for children anyway, so, if there's no temptation there's no 'Grand Theft Auto.'
I may plug the Atari back into the television on the next rainy day. I should hold them over for about 10 minutes.

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