Monday, November 24, 2008

Rise and Shine --- Playing with numbers

Good Morning and welcome to the week we officially can start singing holiday songs!

So, last week a study came out that showed the link between television ads for fast food and childhood obesity. Later in the week, the fast food industry said the study was based on old information.
Old information or new information, it doesn't matter. Sure, places like McDonald's and Burger King can can come out with statements about how healthy their choices are or how they have diversified their menu.
Sure, they have added something called 'Apple Fries' to their children's menu. They offer salads. Some offer baked potatoes. Some offer veggie burgers. OK, one offers a veggie burger, but it's also microwaved.
Blah. Blah. Blah.
The bottom line is the fast-food industry gets you hooked, then keeps you coming back with cute jingles and junky toys. No child would be happy to find 'Apple fries' in their meal. They want french fries. They want soda instead of water. They want as much junk as possible.
Then, as they finally calm down and are resigned to the fact they are stuck with 'Apple fries,' they can look over at mom or dad's tray and see french fries drowning in ketchup next to the salad with salt-laden dressing.
Yeah, that will work.
The bottom line is the ad makers are wrong. The giant King or quick songs do get children wanting to take a walk into a McDonald's. Once there, it's time for fat, salt, sugar and whatever else fine stuff they can jam in there.
They figure if they get the children to complain enough, the parents will give in and get a super sized meal.
How can anybody think this is good?

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