Monday, November 17, 2008

Rise and Shine --- Overload?

Good Morning and welcome winter!

Still not sure if there was too much coverage of the lead up to this year's presidential election?
Here's an actual conversation with a 3-year old girl while flipping through the channels Sunday night, momentarily stopping on 60 minutes where president-elect Barack Obama was being interviewed:
"Oh, I don't want to watch Obama!!!"
"Turn off Obama! I want Sleeping Beauty."
Well, no Sleeping Beauty tonight, but how do you know Barack Obama.
"I don't want to watch Obama!!!"
Who is Obama?
"He's the president-eject!! Turn on Sleeping Beauty!"
How do you know Obama?
"Obama. Obama. Obama."
Wait, how to you know about the next president?
"Turn off Obama! He's on all the time!"
All right, let's see what else is on...
"OH. I don't want to watch football!!"
Wait a minute, no Obama, now what's wrong with football?
"I don't like football. It will hurt my head. Can we watch Cinderella?"
Time for bed.

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