Friday, November 7, 2008

Rise and Shine --- Digging out

Good Morning and welcome to summer in November!

That's right, it's supposed to be 70 degrees out there today. Enjoy it now, because that Pennsylvania winter will no doubt hit us over the head soon.
Speaking of winter and knocking you over the head, the announcement by Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter of major budget cuts seems a little odd. Sure, bit cities like Philadelphia are feeling the economic crunch. All those companies laying off all those workers means less tax money coming in to the cities. There's no doubt they have to control spending, but the plowing of roads after snowstorms is the wrong path.
Now, here in Pennsylvania, we have about the worst road clearing in the country. Just try, without a snowmobile of course, to drive down Baltimore Pike after a snowstorm. You'd be better off walking.
Not plowing the roads just brings everything to a stop. People can't get to work, school, the stores (for milk and bread of course) or anywhere. Of course, it's great for television and their over-obsession with weather, but the rest of us have to get around.
So, unless Nutter has a connection to Mother Nature and knows the Heat Miser will be controlling the winter in the Northeast this year (in a trade for just one snow day in the South), the Mayor is going to have bigger problems.
Then again, maybe it won't matter. We are in a world of perpetual sunshine now.

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