Monday, November 10, 2008

Rise and Shine --- Uncharted roads

Good Morning and welcome back to November!

So, we got through another weekend virtually unscathed, although that's probably not going to be the same for very long. It appears we are heading down roads not seen for 80 years.
Hopefully, everything can be pulled back to some sense of normalcy, but, we'll have to wait until February, at least, to see.
Back in 10th grade, I had a teacher who's idea was to install a new president the day after an election. His argument was a lame-duck President (and a lame-duck Congress) won't really help the country.
Was he ahead of his time. Well, it sure looks like it now. Not that a new administration would be able to create a miracle turnaround, but, really, can it get any worse. We are bombarded day after day, hour after hour, with bad news about the economy. There are layoffs, foreclosures, more layoffs, 401(k)s going down the toilet and we have an administration under no push to get things done.
No matter what people want to believe, there isn't a Messiah out there ready to step in. Still, we need to get new ideas out there to see if they work. If not, adjust, but something has to give.
Or does it?

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