Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Rise and Shine --- Word of the day

Good Morning and welcome to all you Eagles fans looking for a change!

OK, maybe not so much of a change that your beloved team would become a 1-15 embarrassment, but a change nonetheless.
'Change,' after all, appears to be the catch-phrase of the year.
We had two presidential candidates touting the need for change. We have an economic system that begs for change. We have an auto industry that needs to change. We may have to change our televisions. We all want to change jobs. We change our clothes every day (well, those of us over 6-years old do anyway). We raid our change banks to get pizza. We put change in our pockets with a smile after a purchase. Then we spend that change at the next store. We are changing the way we get our news. We see a change in the weather. We change our habits with the times. We change the channel when another cop show or hospital show appears on the air (well, at least as long as the batteries in the remote work).
Change. Change. Change.
Well, it's pretty obvious we need a change now. Here's hoping it's more than just a phrase.
By the way, this is about a month old, but, somehow it was missed (at least by me):
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