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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Rise and Shine --- What to watch?

Good Morning and welcome back!

Maybe it's just me or has network television finally fallen off the cliff.
Take a gander at the schedule and you have a lot of choices: unfunny comedies, cop shows, reality shows, more cop shows, a hospital drama thrown in surrounded by more cop shows.
I realize even networks are feeling the financial crunch, but, come on, there's got to be something better than cop show after cop show after reality show. Sure, there are some breaks from the norm (When does 'Lost' return?), but they are too far in between. Look, having worked nights most of my life and now on the early-morning shift, I rarely watch a lot of television. I get maybe an hour a night to decompress.
Let's stop watching this junk until it improves. After all, we might have to, gasp, switch to the Discovery Channel.
Well, maybe it could be worse...

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