Friday, October 24, 2008

Rise and Shine --- Time to forget

Good Morning and welcome back!

One of the greatest names of music albums in the last 40 years is the Talking Heads 'More Songs about Buildings and Food.' What makes it so great is the songs on the album have nothing to do about buildings or food. It's just the usual mix of the strange that is the best of the Talking Heads.
So, what in the name of buildings and food does this have to do with anything? Well, after staying up way too late again Thursday night to watch the Phillies lose Game 2 of the World Series, probably nothing. Then again, maybe losing Game 2 of the World Series doesn't mean much. After all, must didn't expect the Phillies to sweep the Rays (especially not Joe Buck). So, a split in Tampa Bay, even though Timmy and Joe are now handing the trophy to the Rays, is pretty good.
Maybe listening to 4,000 House promos got me thinking about the Talking Heads. Or maybe not. At least this is not about apples.
So, speaking of the Talking Heads, here is today's Halloween song of the day:

After getting that groove in your head, check out:

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