Friday, October 17, 2008

Rise and Shine --- It's only October

Good Morning every people!

So, does that cold air that was blowing through the windows last night mean it's time to pull out the air conditioners for another year. It's always a balance at this time of year. Sure, it's been cool at night, but that humidity that blanketed the area during the afternoon yesterday may have meant another blast of air conditioning.
That's really the last piece of summer that goes away. You can hold on to the dream of lazy afternoons in the sun all the way until the air conditioners come out of the windows. Then, it's only a short road until the heat starts to come on and we get the cold, grey doldrums of winter.
Of course, I have to remember what somebody much smarter than me once said: "What do you expect the weather to be like? You live in Pennsylvania."
Hey, at least our baseball team is still playing, so, it's still summer. Right? Right?
Well, I guess not.
So, instead, let's get a couple dozen pumpkins and carve them out. It's really the best way to celebrate October.
Or, maybe you could have the best of both worlds:

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