Monday, January 3, 2011

Rise and Shine --- Happy New Year

Good Morning and welcome to a fresh, new perspective!

Unlike any other year, when somebody says 'Happy New Year' it has a little more meaning. In fact, years from now when somebody asks "Remember in 2010...?"
My reaction is going to be "No. Didn't exist!"
Somebody said the other day, "You know, some people have bad days, bad weeks, I have bad years."
Well, I'm with you. Dump 2010 in the proverbial dumpster. Take it out with the garbage. Well, if you live in Upper Darby, don't wait for garbage pickup, it might not come.
While on the way out ... Never mind.
No, this is start of a New Year. A clean slate. Time to pick up the pieces and knock a few heads.
By the way, Billy Joel was right:

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