Monday, January 10, 2011

Rise and Shine --- Now, that's cold!

Good Morning and welcome to the snow-covered parking lot!

After sliding through the parking lot this morning (yes, two days after the latest snowfall you still need your boots in some places), I got to thinking about cold.
Now, it's been cold outside the last few months. We've seen temperatures below freezing. We've seen wind blow through.
Before yesterday's Eagles/Packers playoff game, we here at decided to try something different. We provided Eagles fans with an alternative playoff pregame show live from the tailgates.
While you knew it was cold, while moving around trying to get people to talk, running the camera and making sure the sound was OK (sometimes, unsuccessfully), the cold didn't seem to bad.
Then, after packing up and carrying the equipment back to the car, well, that's when it hit.
It actually took most of the game to thaw out.
So, long story short (too late), it got me to thinking about those who don't have the opportunity to get out of the cold. There are people out there (admit it, you see them all the time, but try to ignore them), who don't have the opportunity to warm up.
When it gets bitter, they do the best they can. I think we can help, though.
Carry an extra pair of gloves around and, instead of speeding up your walking, just give them to the person. Sometimes, something small can make a world of difference.

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