Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Rise and Shine --- Maybe

Good Morning and welcome to another one of those days!

It's been kind of interesting to see how those who pushed violence over the last few years were the first to announce, in the wake of the shootings of the Congresswoman in Arizona, that it wasn't their fault.
Well, not so fast skipper.
Maybe the nut over there in Phoenix had a worm eating his brain. Maybe he was so far gone it was only a matter of time before he hurt himself or somebody else.
Maybe, just maybe, though, this Jared Loughner would have picked up a rock instead of a gun.
Maybe if Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck and the rest of their hate club weren't always pushing an agenda that made it seem like violence was the only answer, there would be less of this kind of stuff.
I'm sorry, when you put rifle targets over a certain area of the country before an election, you are asking those with the worms to do something stupid.
When you hold up those who bring guns to political rallies as some kind of hero, maybe you are part of the problem instead of the solution.
The great thing about these people who throw that stuff out there is they can fall back and say, "Hey, I never said anybody should get shot."
Like that makes it any better.


Dannytheman said...

Hi Vince,

Me again. Can I ask you a quick question?

What if this mentally deranged person were to legally buy a Ford F-250 truck. What if he souped up the engine and added all kinds of off road stuff to it. Now lets say he drives through a crown of people outside of a Sav Way supermarket, say a Town Hall type meeting and lets add that he kills old people and babys and wounds a public official.

Would you stop people from buying Trucks? Please don't tell me it's not the same. The problem is it is the same, but it sinks the whole hate gun theory.

A woman drives her 2 kids into a lake, killing them both. Cars fault?

Have a good day!

Dannytheman said...


In case you think I make things up!