Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Rise and Shine --- Ice, Ice, Baby

Good Morning and welcome to one of those days you wish you could just stay in bed!

I remember the winter of 1992-93, the worst winter in history (well, OK, maybe not, but it was still bad). Instead of snow, we had freezing rain and ice seemingly every day.
The ice was sometimes so thick on the cars it seemed like you would need a hammer and chisel to knock it off.
Even the old trick of starting the car and putting on the defroster only meant you wasted gas for a half hour (of course, gas was like a dollar a gallon, so there).
Every time I hear a weather report calling for ice, I remember back to those days of sliding into work. There was no getting around it.
Hopefully, today's strange, crunchy snow isn't what we are going to be seeing for the rest of the winter.

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