Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Rise and Shine --- Where's the beef?

Good Morning and how about those 76ers?!?

OK, now, before I present this story, I have to say that anybody who eats at a fast-food place and thinks they are eating healthy, well, I'm glad that purple, flying monkey helps you out so often.
So, anyway, there's THIS STORY about a lawsuit against Taco Bell.
It seems an Alabama law firm has sued Taco Bell for false advertising. It appears the 'beef' the company uses doesn't really meet the minimum standards set by the government for it to actually be beef.
According to the suit there is so much other, uh, stuff in the mix it contains only 35 percent actual beef. Let's hope they don't start checking out the 'cheese.'
You have to figure (and, it's true, I've seen the movie) most of these places get their 'beef' from the same farms.
So, think about how much is in that Big Mac you enjoyed last night.
Then again, many are still eating Scrapple, so, I guess it's better to be misinformed.

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