Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Rise and Shine --- Take that

Good Morning and welcome to the winter wonderland!

You know, I overheard the best description of snow while waiting outside of school the other day:
"You know what snow is?" asked a second-grader to his preschool sister.
"Snowman poop."

I remember when snow used to be fun, of course that was before I had to worry about driving through icy, slushy roads to get to work.
So, when does that disconnect happen? When you get old enough to drive? When you start working? When you have to worry about schedules for school delays or closings?
I don't think I really started hating winter weather until 1992 when we seemed to have an ice storm every other day.
Last year's snow after snow after snow sealed the deal.
This year, well, we've lucked out. This stuff isn't real heavy and, once the plows go through, the roads are fine.
Still, bring on spring!

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