Monday, January 24, 2011

Rise and Shine --- Looks out a window

Good Morning and keep the heater on!

So, for all you Eagles fans out there who were dreaming about going to a Super Bowl this year, uh, your team wasn't nearly as good as the four who played yesterday.
How's this for an early prediction: Expect another parade in Pittsburgh in a couple of weeks.
Speaking of predictions, let's get on these weather yahoos a little bit. Now, we know they like to pump up the possibility of snow. Nothing brings in ratings (or page views) like the prediction of a storm.
"Be Careful," they tell us. "It's going to a be a nasty commute. The morning is going to be a mess. Snow, ice, snow, snow, snow."
People get caught up in the craziness. Last week, we had it twice. There was supposed to be a lot of ice and snow Tuesday morning. OK, there was some, but it didn't cripple the area.
Then it was supposed to come again Thursday. This time, it was nothing more than a coating on the sidewalks.
Then the schools get caught up. Parents (rightly) want to know about closings or delays as early as possible so they can set up the day (either take it off from work or try to find some kind of childcare). So, a dire prediction doesn't give the officials much time to react.
Last week, most schools called for Thursday delays even though it turned out to be much ado about nothing.
There's no way to get away from all the weather, so the best predictor is your own eyes. Unless, of course, Grandma has a trick knee.

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