Monday, January 31, 2011

Rise and Shine --- 'Smart' people

Good Morning and have we had enough award shows already or what?

You know, it's really amazing how, well you never want to call anybody stupid, but if the shoe fits: Man checks into jail with joints sewn in underwear
Who out there thinks this is a good idea and how exactly do you sew joints in your underwear? I mean, won't they break apart when you sit down? This guy's probably been in trouble before, so he must know there's going to be a pat down heading into prison.
Then again, we see this kind of thing all the time.
For instance, have you been driving during one of these snow storms only to have some 'smart' driver pull right up to your bumper.
Happened to me last week while the snow was coming down. While making the normal afternoon school run, we were sliding down an unplowed side street. All of a sudden, this other car comes flying up behind. Slams on the breaks, then starts honking the horn and yelling to hurry up.
Sure, buddy, now get off the road before you need new underwear.

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