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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Rise and Shine --- Lottery hangover

Good Morning and I'm still here, having not won the Mega Millions last night!

Of course, even if I had won, I'd probably still be here today (wouldn't have found out I won until getting to work). Hey, even $350 million richer, might as well finish out the last day.
That's the way we all say it, but, sure, reality is I would have been out the door quicker than it takes Rush Limbaugh to down a Big Mac.
There are certainly people who play these lottery numbers every day. They sink the dollars into the hope of a big payout.
Me? I wait until it's one of those super payouts. Don't even think about the Powerball until it hits at least $200 million. The first time I picked up a Mega Millions ticket was yesterday.
I don't know why. Certainly, any lottery winning would be welcomed. It just seems like there are better things to do with a couple of bucks than sink them into lottery tickets.
Then again, how much is the Powerball worth this week?

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