Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Rise and Shine --- All those years ago

Good Morning and welcome to the sun!

So, I was sitting outside with some other people from the neighborhood (somebody was sitting in a wagon, not sure if it was me or not) talking about nothing. You know, the kind of things 8-year olds talk about. Maybe it was the latest episode of Batman or it could have been something about school.
Anyway, if I remember right, it was a Saturday afternoon and my Mom opened the window and told us the Flyers had won the Stanley Cup.
We all looked up, said "OK" and went back to our most important business.
Now, 35 years later, the Flyers are back into the Finals (OK, they've been there since, but Rise and Shine didn't exist the last time).
Not being much of a hockey fan, the revelry didn't reach the house last night. We were all in bed by the time the hooping and hollering started outside.
The dogs didn't like it. They were barking right along with the fireworks and the yelling.
Soon came the running down the halls: "Dad, why are the dogs barking?"
The Flyers just won they are going to the Stanley Cup finals.
"OH. Can you make them stop?"
Maybe we aren't so different.

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