Thursday, May 6, 2010

Rise and Shine --- Pride swells

Good Morning and welcome to another day!

When he was in second grade, Liam came home from school clutching a flier. He was excited. A Cub Scout representative came to school to talk up the organization. He showed off cars. He talked about camping.
Liam, who is a bit shy (many would say much like somebody else in his family), hadn't really asked to join anything up to that point. He wanted to join Cub Scouts, though. He asked, he begged.
So, he signed up. The whole thing was time consuming. When I was stuck at work, his mother was the trooper, taking him to meetings while making sure the little ones were also OK. She even became a den leader with a uniform and everything.
Now, after spending every Wednesday night for the past few years heading to meetings, he 'graduated' last night. There was a night for him (and him alone since all the other boys who also started in second grade had quit through the years).
He was up on the stage while they went through something called the 'Arrow of Light' ceremony. He was cheered by his friends in the crowd. He was laughed at by his brother and sister (as part of the ceremony they painted designs on his face).
He was proud. He had accomplished something that took work, time and energy.
We are proud of you, Liam.

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