Friday, May 21, 2010

Rise and Shine --- Philosophy

Good Morning and welcome to another weekend!

So, you get these kinds of questions from children all the time: Daddy why do they call it the weekend?
Well, I wish I would have been asked why the sky was blue. Then I could have dazzled with my knowledge of the atmosphere.
I could have been asked why sea water is so salty. That way I could have talked about salt basins, fish and the like.
Instead, I get the philosophical question about the weekend.
Well, I said, it's called the weekend because it's the end of the week.
"How come," came the followup, "it's the weekend, but Sunday is the start of a new week."
Um, well, it's the weekend because you have a couple of days off from school. You end one week and start the next week.
"Yeah, but shouldn't it be called the end-starter."
Sure, but weekend is much quicker. Besides, it does end the week.
"But, it starts a new one."
OK, um, want to know why the sky is blue?

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