Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Rise and Shine --- Rain and the polls

Good Morning and welcome to a perfect day for ducks ... or political candidates!

You know, they say when it rains about half of those who were going to vote, will stay away from the polls. When it's 'just' a primary election like today, the best we can hope for is about five percent of eligible voters to hit the button.
So, is it much ado about nothing? Well, let's ask the people in Iraq if there is a 'meaningless' election.
Speaking of Iraq, the Daily Times award-winning Iraq correspondent has graciously accepted the challenge trying to follow Joe Sestak around today as he tries to unseat long-time Sen. Arlen Specter. You can follow the progress by CLICKING HERE.
She's doing all her coverage with an iphone. It should be really interesting.
On another completely different subject, I heard this song last night and thought I would put it on here. Songs don't usually bring tears to my eyes, but this one does:

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