Friday, May 14, 2010

Rise and Shine --- Courts and games

Good Morning and welcome to the end of the week!

Ever notice how you could be doing a bunch of things during the day, feeling good, enjoying the sun, then, boom, reality hits you in the gut. At least when the wind is knocked out of you on the athletic field there is somebody there to help you.
Speaking of which, don't ever (and I mean ever) drive in Ocean City, N.J.
If you are going down there any time this summer (well, anytime throughout the year) at least make sure you don't get a traffic ticket.
There's a little game they seem to like to play in Ocean City.
Instead of just being able to pay the fine, you have to go through a dance with the judge. First you have to take a day off from work to tell a judge whether or not you want (or need) a lawyer. The judge, who must need the attention, then reprimands you if you say you want to represent yourself (mind you, we are talking traffic tickets like making an illegal left turn, not murder).
So, you then have to come back down a few weeks later to appear again when you can finally just give them a check and get the whole thing over.
It feels like some kind of game where you are the pawn because there isn't much happening (especially during the winter months).
So, just make sure you don't make the wrong turn or, heaven forbid, let the meter run out.
By the way, if you want to see the truth behind a 'resort' town's image, spend about five minutes in municipal court. Then you get the underbelly.

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