Friday, May 7, 2010

Rise and Shine --- Nah, it's not political

Good Morning and welcome to the weekend!

Remember back when there was all that uproar about health care reform. Then a bunch of Rebublican attorneys general from different states said they were going to file a lawsuit against the federal government to stop the reform.
The state reason, at least by our AG Tom Corbett (who just happens to be running for Governor), was: "to protect the citizens of Pennsylvania whose rights will be violated when the health care reform legislation [is] signed into law by President Obama."
Well, that might not be exactly true.
According to this story in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette the AGs from various states were was in communication with a consultant for the Republican State Leadership Committee prior to the lawsuits being filed.
So, are these lawsuits to 'protect the citizens' or to further push an agenda.
It kind of opens up the whole picture a bit more, doesn't it?

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