Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Rise and Shine --- A long day

Good Morning and welcome to yet another Wednesday in a long line of Wednesday's!

It started well before dawn. It lasted well into the night.
I remember making phone calls. I remember doctors and nurses running in and out. I remember strength like I've never seen.
I remember the ups. I remember the downs. I remember heading out to tell everybody they might as well go get lunch, then dinner, then a late-night snack.
I remember hoping (praying?) everything would be OK. I remember listening to all the options. I remember worrying.

I remember doors closing. Doors opening. People running here and there.
Mostly, though, I remember the sound when it was all over. I remember hearing a cry. I remember getting tears in my eyes (it still happens today, maybe for different reasons).
Then, I remember the smile. Who knew a newborn baby boy could smile.
I swear he did, though. I swear he smiled. It let me know everything would be OK.
Happy Birthday, Liam. How did you become 11 already?

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