Thursday, May 27, 2010

Rise and Shine --- Drill, baby, drill

Good Morning and welcome back to the heat!

So, if anybody still thinks it's a great idea to be drilling for oil in the ocean, they are seriously misguided.
All you have to do is see one photo or read one story about the mess down in the Gulf and you have to know the time for drilling has passed.
It's like we keep getting these signs that something is not right. Sure, it was an accident that's spilling all of BP's 'Black Gold' into the water (and onto our beaches), but it's also about karma.
Oil companies, and car makers and the government, have for too long simply relied on our need for oil. The only way this stuff stops is if we actually get down to finding alternative fuel sources and stop the drilling.
How much damage has to be done? How many people have to die?
Stop the drilling now and get to work on something else.


theo_bear said...

Drill less baby, drill less

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